Welcome to LiveVenueUSA
We are booking shows and hosting events in the following
Cities & States:
Tuesday, May 11th. 8PM-Closing

Bands & Talent:
It does not matter if you are just starting out or on top
of the charts & signed to a label, all artist are given equal treatment.
We are booking & hosting shows & events in NYC & throughout USA clubs &
alt spaces such as: Santos Party House (NYC), HighLine BallRoom (NYC),
RockitRoom (SF), CrashMansion (NYC), Pianos (NYC), + many more in addition
to Annual Festivals & sponsors we have teamed up with. NYC & San Francisco
are our main cities but be asured we will be in every major music city.

Whether you are a local, regional, or national act, all are welcomed!
Local Bands/Artist: We completely understand everybody has to start somewhere and as musicians we've all been there. We will assist you in your efforts as long as you are serious and dedicated. Regional Bands/Artist: OK so you've been around a few years and have played the local/regional circuit maybe a regional tour, secured management and a booking agent. Remember it is still ultimately up to you and how far you want to go with your music. Nationals: You are now commanding guarantees and have the riders and you are now a seasoned musician. We love nationals but ultimately it is about personal relationships and the law of supply and demand. If you have played the local & regional clubs and are ready to make the move to a bigger stage and professional venues we will assist you to make it happen but it is ultimately the decision of our event directors or each individual club and of course on how serious you are about the level you will like to reach & achieve. If you are already playing the bigger clubs and A-List events it will be ideal to join us being that we will be hosting A-List events such as Premieres & Festivals. Note: All artist submitting are not guaranteed shows @ A-List venues, however we will make efforts to assist according to level you have reached. Cities & States include but not limited to are: NYC/LA/SF/Austin/NJ/Boston/Philly/CT.. with more cities being added every month