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Hank and Cupcakes

  Initial reaction and thoughts that first came to mind when you first laid
 eyes on each other
 and please be truthful do not edit yourselves.


I thought he was completely closed and uncommunicative...he hardly said a
word. I only discovered later on that he's ultra sensitive and had this mask
to protect himself against the world


When I first met Cupcakes, she was living like a hippy from the 60's, she
would go to all these rainbow gatherings, lived in a commune in Tel Aviv and
had weird interesting friends and I was thinking to myself, damn this girl's
a mess... at the same time though I was also very attracted to her and to
that whole way of living.

Who was the aggressor, was it a straightforward approach or tactics,
please describe
Definitely me, I tried seducing him, heavily hinting but when that
didn't work I just came out and kissed him on the mouth. That worked.

Hank: Cupcakes was definitely the aggressor, she kissed me after a show and
that was it. She really knows how to get what she wants!

FMFB: You make your new home in BK. What attracted you to New York and not
LA or any other music hub in the world.

Cupcakes: It was half luck, half gut feeling and the fact that we couldn't
afford London

Hank: I don't really know, we never even discussed NY verses LA or any
other place. We just said: "Let's go to NY!"  We had an intense and hard
experience while living in Cuba just before and just didn't want to go back
to Israel. We wanted to keep on moving, didn't matter where to.

FMFB: Tell us something no one knows about you,  even your partner

Cupcakes: Well, Hank Knows everything but here's something: I used to work as a
clown and I drool in my sleep

Hank: I have a third testicle growing on my forehead but nobody seems to
notice it...

FMFB: That's just a pimple. When did you first realized you wanted to pursue a music career and
what were you doing?

I was into a few different performance arts, acting, dancing and music. My
decision to become dedicated to music is largely thanks to Hank. His deep
focus on music was a huge inspiration and he made me understand that you
need to really commit in order to grow and develop.

 Hank: I understood that after my first gig ever with the first band I
 played with when I was 17. I was completely unprepared to how that was going
 to feel and when we took the stage and played it was an amazing surprise,
 like having sex for the first time. Obviously you want to keep on doing it!

 FMFB: Best intimate and or special show you have ever played, where was it and
 why was it special?

 Cupcakes: The live recording for FOX TV's Music show last year. The
 producer of the show saw us play and flipped out, he became our manager a few
 months later which is one of the best things that's happened to us.

 Hank: It's hard to say, because every show is special in different ways.
 Our last show in NYC was amazing! We played topless and painted on
 ourselves, it was liberating, fun and intimate. It was my first time playing
 shirtless, better late then never...

 FMFB: You mentioned you love to collaborate with other artist so once
 again as we normally do,
 here are the standard questions. FilmMaker you will like to collab with
 and why?

 Cupcakes: Robert Zemeckis. Back To The Future trilogy and Forest Gump are one
 of my favorite movies of all times. If there were ever to be a Back To The
 Future 4 it would be a huge rush to have our music in it.

 Hank: David Lynch because I love his pure associative aesthetic language.
 Even if I don't understand anything from the movie, there is always
 something that transcends the plot and touches me in weird places.

 FMFB: You are a weirdo! Band, Musician or Music Producer you will like to work with and why?

 Cupcakes: Rick Rubin - We love the albums he's produced
 Hank: I would like to go on tour with the Chilly Peppers, I've always loved
 and admired the way they play live

 FMFB: Fashion Designer or approach

 Cupcakes: I'd wear something that's not %100 in my comfort zone, I like taking
 risks, that always add's an edge, not being sure..

 Hank:I don't know any fashion designers but I'd go for something bizarre and
 weird or very elegant or just anything really...

 FMFB: If your spouse gave you a pass to be with anyone from the worlds of
 FilmMusicFashion&Babes for a night of debauchery,
 in other words, Starlet, Rock star, Leading Lady/Man, or just household
 name eye candy?
 who will that be?

 Cupcakes: I'd go with Steven Tyler, he seems like a man who knows how
 to excessively party and live to tell the tale and he has such a big mouth.

 Hank:  Marylin Monroe

 FMFB: In honor of your name and Henry Chinaski, best and worst situation
 and outcome under libation

 Cupcakes: I must admit...I don't really have many of those situations to
 choose from (control freak!) but we had a show last year that had an open
 bar and I drank way too much vodka cranberry's and barely made it to the
 stage, we had a lot of fun but I think that was the worst show we'd ever played.

 Hank: Wow! there we're so many of those... Ok,  I went to visit my sister
 in London and she took me to a wild New Year's Eve party. I remember going
 into the house where the party was happening and than every thing
 dissapearing. I only remember random flashbacks, smoking and going into
 rooms where amazing things where happening, I was 17 at the time so the
 things I saw were really new and incredible! At the end of the night I found
 myself puking in the yard, sitting in a puddle in the fierce London cold.
 Despite all this there was still this chick who tried to grab my..! She
 must have been even drunker then I was. Later, I stumbled back to the motel..
 It was a shame full affair, but over all it was golden..

Ghetto Klown
After leaving the Lyceum Theater I headed over to a
rehearsal studio to hear my friends  band line up change and sound
The band members drunk by the time I got there were in full celebratory spirits.
Rehearsal had been canceled due to drummer's wife had gone into early labor. They were cracking jokes
about the singers suggestion of names best suited for their new
band and sound. I was already in a laughter filled frame of mind. So i added to the silliness 

I suggested they call themselves "Payasos Borrachos" 

In the show must go on spirit, they attempted a Jam session but it was god
awful without the drummer and as soon as they realized they were too drunk
to play their instruments they gave up. I took that as my cue to introduce
"Aguanile"  to their cd player.
Agualine is one of the many "Dope" songs from the Ghetto Klown Compilation
I must say, my Rock&Roll buddiess were completely enjoying "John Leguizamo Ghetto Klown: Music From My Hood" Compilation. The music was completely foreign to them and it was hysterical watching them acting the fools and dancing around intentionally out rhythm poking fun at each other in unison.
A few hours later, walking over to subway station, I saw & overheard an
intoxicated young executive type ranting as he was being thrown
out of local watering hole. (I'm thinking what am i missing? why so many
drunks on a monday night?)

He was slurring something about the end of the world being near.. How the
world is crumbling and at war. "There is always a War somewhere in the
world, we sell it to you, we sell you beer, toothpaste, we gentrify the
Bronx Zoo Ghetto.. we sell you chemicals, smily face"

Poor dude looked really disturbed but it was kind of comical in a sad way,
very fitting for my my Monday Night of Klowns & Drunks.
(Cue in "Borracho Y Loco"  background music)
Moving right along. The worlds of Broadway Theater & Comedy are very
similar to war zones, critics are the snipers that can easily determine
the outcome and run of said wars. With that said I'll like to point out
that this is not a review or critique but an objective observation.

To first timers and the uninitiated the material may look fresh and new but to those
that are familiar with the past shows Freak and Sexaholic, it cancome across as if
John Leguizamois pulling from the same old bag of tricks and material.

Not sure ifit was the intention of Johnny Legz and Fisher Stevens to use this for
familiarity affect. You know, to make the audience that are familiar with his past shows feel
as if they are running into an oldneighborhood buddy catching up with good old times.
After all it is a continuation of a "pseudo autobiography"

If it was just plain oversight and or laziness they should definitely deny it 
and say that it was used for familiarity affect, it does not really matter cause Ghetto Klown is a laugh a minute.

No matter how you look at it, Fisher Stevens and John Leguizamo is most
certain a well calculated alliance. These two NYC scrappy alley cats know
their territory and lay of the land, they are definitely "Winning" the
battle being that their show has been granted a longer run than initially
intended, due to high demand.

What they are selling is not beer or toothpaste, they are selling
laughter and entertainment.

I must also point out that what most people do not realize about John
Leguizamo is that in addition to his charisma and talent (Some will
dispute that) he has an Will Smith thing going for him, what does that
mean? "Will Smith Thing going for him"

Well, many years ago when the phrase "Crossover appeal" was a buzz phrase
I overheard another executive type say something about Will Smith's
popularity was mainly due to his "crossover appeal"
"the non threatening negro thing going for him"

Credit to the edit, John Leguizamo is the non threatning pasty Latino
Legz makes it look easy to be a tightrope walker, he has the natural
ability to pull you into his world with the ease of a seasoned tour guide.
Before long you'll realize you are now in his world: The mind of a crazy
ass hyper man/kid with too much laughing gas, the seven line, H-Wood movie
sets,  filled with "egomaniacal sabotagee" a world where he gets pushed
around but he always pushes back., his neurosis & conflict and all while
laughing your ass off! Bring aspiring cause your head will explode with


This one of the coolest indie people in rap, you know, Ez demeanor and definitely on the come-up

you'll be hearing bout him if he stays focus, got nothing but love for you Marcus.

Who Are Your Influences?

M: Personally I'm influenced by Malcolm X, Tupac Shakur, Bruce Lee. You know individuals who I feel had a more complex thought process.

My musical influences are the obvious coming from the east coast Jay z, Biggie, Kanye West , I like a lot of the early Joe Budden material.

What Made You Want To be a rapper?

Well I’ve always been into rap going back as far as 9th grade. You know neighborhood battles, high school gong show's etc. But the thing that made me really take it serious and want to pursue it was the influence I saw hip hop and rap having over the entire country. See to me rap allows you a stage to get your word out, now what you choose to say is on you. But I feel if I can make it as a rapper, it would allow me the proper platform to say the things I want to say, and with my influence maybe change the things I would like to change..

What do you think of the current state of Hip Hop?

In my opinion, hip hop has just gone too pop. Period. Hip Hop right now Is just a whole bunch of artist in a race to make the same song. Who can make the ring tone first. And im tired of hearing the excuse of “I'm just trying to eat” half the artist with the number 1 ring tones, are artist who been in the game for a minute, cats who been eating.

So where do you see Hip Hop going?

I really think if hip hop had a couple more Kanye’s or old school Eminem type of artist who really spoke there minds, but at the same time could put it in hit song format we'd be alright. But to me, right now everybody is making happy music, in a time where there’s more unhappy people in the world then happy. Somebody has to tell there stories. To me Hip Hop is missing a big ingredient right now, aggression.

Tanner Horn & The Sextronauts

1. Your music is edgy & it pushes the envelope regarding sex and relationships. What reactions do you get from radio programmers when presented with a song like Do Ya With My Mouth?
TH: …And I will quote "Oh wow that's a hit, but I don't think we can take a chance on that it's a bit too edgy."Which I find funny because there are no explicit lyrics. It's suggestive in the best form.

2. Another Sextronauts' track is UP ALL NIGHT. Does that define your lifestyle?
TH: All these songs define my lifestyle. They come from a very real place of experience. I never sit there and say I wonder what will sound crazy to write today. Which is why we have such a raw edgy quality that I think main stream rock is especially missing these days.
3. You are under the process of finding a new lead guitar player. Describe the profile.

TH: SeXrOk God. If he doesn't know in his heart he's the sexiest mofo around then chances are he probably won't have the confidence to be up there with us. And I'm talking about more than just looks here, when I say sexy I mean it exudes in his or her's playing so much it radiates into the music and crowd.
4. You are probably the only LA up & coming rock star who already has about 4 regular stalkers. How do you cope with that?
TH: Oh well. That's just how it goes you know?
5. Is there was going to be a documentary about your life, what would bethe title?

TH: I really don't think I would want to have to come up with it. It's always more interesting to see how other people view you.

6. The Sextronauts are also defined by your sense of style. Tell us about The Sextronauts display at Melrose Avenue's hot spot SLOW.
TH: The Sextronauts display at SLOW is great because it solidifies that this is more than a band and I am more than a musician. It has a painting of mine that is 1 of my favorites and the shirts that are for sale are a glimpse into the colorful mind of Tanner Horn outside of music.
7. Part of the Sextronauts live show experience is the fact that you perform with dancers wearing astronaut helmets. Who comes up with this stuff?
TH: I am always evolving the concept of the group and it's visual representation. Just when you think you know what's going to happen when you come see us I will find the next inspiration.

8. At a recent show opening for a big LA band, you handcuffed a member of the audience on stage. Can you expand upon that?
TH: Everything about our act is moment to moment. There is a place for rules and the stage certainly isn't the place.

9. When you perform the "Boom Boom song" you invite another member of the audience to sing with you, simulating sex sounds. Is this the song that defines Tanner Horn & the Sextronauts?
TH: We invite a girl to sing the hook of the song, they usually make it seem like sex sounds! And 1 song could never define this group. Maybe it could define us that day or week but never completely encompass us.
10. Rumor has it on your last show at Club Moscow female members of the audience jumped on stage and tried to undress you, at which point you had to run backstage. Would you be worried about being accused of indecent exposure even if fan originated?
TH: Bring it on!


These cats hail from Monterrey, Mexico and they been around for a few, their sound is mostly Pop/Electro/80's/Latin/RobotRock type shit with a groovy feel to it. At times it is dark at times it is goofy but its def dance rock all the time. Their live shows are always fun and it is easy to see these cats do not take themselves too serious, they are all about fun times.

FMFB: When playing shows other than in your home town, where do you feel most welcome


FMFB: Is there a musical act you will like to share the stage with?


FMFB: Out of all the cities you have played, which is
the kinkiest and why?


FMFB: Mexican starlet you will like to "Kinky" the
brains out of?


FMFB: American starlet you will like to "Kinky" the
brains out of


FMFB: I'm going to mention 3 songs, tell me the first thing that comes
to mind and go into detail.

1) Una Linea De Luz

2) Adonde Van Los Muertos


3) Monday Killer


FMFB: Favorite filmmaker and why?


FMFB: Favorite musician, band or DJ and why?


FMFB: Favorite fashion designer and why?



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