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FMFB: How old were you when you first got inked, whats the piece and where is it.

LA:I was very much against tattoos all my life. I wore a gold bracelet around my right forearm that I loved but one day I broke it and decided to tattoo it back in place so I could have it there forever. It’s there now and was my first tattoo. I got that one 10 years ago.

FMFB: Who is your favorite tatt artist and do you have a favorite on your beautiful canvas

LA:I chose a different artist for each piece, they are all very powerful to me but my favorite I would have to say is the crane on my back. It stands for masturbation, meaning: If you want anything done right… you must do it yourself.

FMFB: Please briefly tell us about three stages of your evolution as the goddess of talent and beauty you are today.

LA:This one is tuff. I’ve always lived in a bit of a fantasy world and have fought all my life to turn it into reality. I hate conformity. I do not play by the rules. My efforts are about to pay off with the launch of my new project… you will all soon be able to see what I see. Kind of like Wonderland, I’m about to show you through the rabbit hole.

FMFB: You are contractually obligated to keep quite on certain projects, what can you tell us about your up-coming creative efforts

I have completely a book that I have been asked for 13 years to write. I am joining forces with a company that is taking me much further than I had ever expected. The book will release along with a TV series, feature film, product line, and much much more. I cannot tell you more at this time as contracts are still being negotiated.

FMFB: Favorite Filmmaker and why?

LA: I’m not sure I have a favorite film maker, there are so many that are so talented… I think the stories make the films. Those that touch the heart I enjoy most. My life is full of smiles and giggles… It’s nice to cry or feel emotional through film or art; it heightens the senses

FMFB: Favorite musician and or band and why?

I love so many but If I had to pick one… The Doors - Huge crush on Jim ;)

FMFB: Favorite designer and why

LA: I have no favorite, I change my style and look several times a year depending on my mood. I don’t look at the labels nor do I look at the price as I pay. If it inspires me, I must have it.

FMFB: Favorite Babe(Starlet/leading man/woman and why
and what will you do once you get ur lovely ways)

LA: Kate Blanchett is my biggest crush along with Julianne Moore, I would love to take them both to the Ivy for lunch actually, or have them over for dinner.

Sexually - Top of my “Spanking List” is Lindsay Lohan - There’s just something about her that is so incredibly sexy… maybe the fact that she is uncontrollable… I see a lot of myself in her… she just needs to harness that energy and focus it in one direction. She could be so powerful if lead in the right direction. She just needs a strong hand to guide her there before it’s too late.

FMFB: Characteristics of the ideal mate

LA: This is very hard for me to answer right now. I consider myself already married to my career so all other affairs are just that… Affairs.

I guess… If I were to pick a partner, they would have to be strong, focused, driven, and extremely passionate. They would also have to appreciate and understand the whimsical little world I live in. ;)

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Martha Maria

FMFB:What is next for you as far as creative endeavors?

MM:I plan to get more into actingand launching my own skincare line.

FMFB: Please tell us about the Videos you've appeared in.

MM: 50 cent and Mobb Deep "Outta Control" Mario "Boom" Shaggy "Bonified Girl"
Franco El Gorilla y Tico, Yeyo featuring Notch "DJ Play My Song".

FMFB: You steam up every scene whether still or video because of your god given assets
what gets you hot?

MM: Thanks! what gets me hot is good music, nice hot summer weather,

good drinks and doing pleasant activities.

FMFB: Tells us your background.

MM: I am 100% Dominican although a lot of people don't think I am.

FMFB: Favorite musical artist and why

MM: My favorite right now is Shakira.

She is so talented and has a unique style.

FMFB: Favorite thespian or director?

MM: For Music Video's Jesse and Ulysess Terrero and for films Martin Scorsece.

FMFB: Favorite designer?

MM:I'm liking Ralph Lauren he never fails.

FMFB: Who do you consider the ultimate babe?

MM: Right now Claudia Lynxshe's incredibly gorgeous!

FMFB: Stick or automatic and what make, year & model?

MM: Automatic cause I can't drive stick.
2010 Bentley Continental GTC convertible love it!

FMFB: How does a guy endear himself to you?

MM: He has to be honest, funny, be considerate,
attentive to details, mature but likes to have fun,
intellectual, and again honest (genuine).

Asia Cruise

Nick Howard

Where are you from?
I was born in Jacksonville, Florida.

How old are you? When is your birthday?
I am seventeen, but will be turning 18 in February.

Tell us about your family.
Well, I'm the oldest of the three. I have a younger brother and sister. My brother is 16 and is going to be the next big thing in golf. My little sister is my little diva in training; and, she is only 9! As for my mom and dad, they own they're own towing company. I guess you can say we all have talent. Ha-Ha!

Are they supportive of your career?
Definitely! They've been behind me since day one. So, I consider them very, very supportive of my career. They're the whole reason I am here today.

When did you start singing and performing?
I started singing when I was about 10 years old. It's funny because I didn't always want to be a singer. I was actually training to be a professional gymnast. One summer, when I wasn't doing gymnastics, my mom found a camp for young singers. I joined, and at the end of the camp, we had a showcase. I sang Aaliyah's "Try Again." and ever since then, I have been in love with singing.

How would you describe your style/vibe?
MY style/vibe is R&B with a little bit of my own thing. It's very young and fresh, dedinitely something new.

How were you discovered?
I'm sure you've heard of all the singers discovered in the parking lots and stuff, but a friend of ours knew MempHitz (President of HitzCommitte), and decided to set up as showcase at the gym across the street from my house. Even after all that, he still made me sing in a parking lot!

Who did you work with on the album?
So far, I've worked with the Cornaboyz and T-Pain. They were both amazing to work with. I had so much fun! We're still in the process of getting a few more collaborations on the the album. Its gonna be a little something for everybody.

Tell us about the single "Selfish."
Well, I was working with the Cornaboyz, and we got on the topic about relationships. At the time, I was seeing this boy, who was so selfish. Everything was always about him, so basically we worked the song around him. It's very personal in a way, and also one of my favorite songs off the album so far!

What artists do you look up to?
They're so many to choose from, but if I had to narrow it down I'd have to say Beyonce, Gwen, and Fergie. I think they're always bringing something new to the table. They're amazing performers, and I look up to them for inspiration/

What are your goals/wishes for the coming year?
My dad said if I'm gonna dream, I might as well dream big. So, my goals and wished for the upcomming year would be to have a number one album. a Grammy, and possibly a movie role lined up for me. And, travel around the world with my best friend.

What is the best advice you have gotten?
To never give up! My dad gave me the best advice. Whenever people would doubt me, he would always say "Some will, some won't, so what next."

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