Festivals We Present & Sponsor:

Times Square Comedy/TragedyShort Film Festival 2011 (Sponsor) Oct. 12th-16th. Scroll down for details  

David vs Goliath Music Festival & Series(Sponsor) http://www.fmfb.net/davidvsgoliathmf

FilmMusicFashion&Babes Festival Scroll down for details

The FilmMusicFashion&Babes Festival 2011

Call for submissions!


The FilmMusicFashion&Babes Festival will take place in NYC September
2011. We are also bringing the Festival to the city where it all started:

Hoboken, NJ

The festival is all about the celebration of our art, film screenings, band

showcases, fashion shows, acting showcases, parties and networking.

Upload your Films (Trailers or shorts), music,designs,headshots etc.

by going to www.fmfb.net and send notice you've joined our

networking community to info@FMFB.net

Include the letters FF at the end of your user name


to identify you as an artist wanting to be part of the festival.

Note to Filmmakers: Priority will be given to Filmmakers

submitting with W.A.B tracking number.

All genres are accepted.

You do not have to be NYC or NJ based but it is preferred
if you have a presence and draw in NYC or NJ.

FMFB began hosting the OSFM Film&Music Series back in 2000 out of a 175
capacity little club (LoveSexy in Hoboken, NJ). In the beginning while

programming and screening indie films alongside nights

of live original music the Film&Music Series was able to provide

grass roots promotions for a little film known as "Amores Perros"

which was being distributed by Lions Gate Films.

Several months later the Film&Music Series was able to get an advanced copy of another
indie film known as "Y Tu Mama Tambien" through a friend employed @ IFC
Films. "Y Tu Mama Tambien" was unofficially screened prior to release to about
40 filmmakers and that was the beginning of setting the stage for the FMFB

In July 2003 the FMFB Festival was launched out of its headquarters

in Times Square at an arts space then known as


which currently serves as home base for the Times Square Arts Center

04,05 were very low key years and FMFB kept a low profile hosting &
screening films for emerging (completely) independent filmmakers

alongside nights of live original music & fashion shows.

2006 was the year FMFB Festival came up from the underground with over ten
events per day held at various venues throughout NYC September 8-17.

2007 was a great year with festival taking place in NYC during the months of
February and September.

08/09/11 We were re-evaluating how to proceed and the festival was heldin

only a handful of spaces.

The FMFB Festival 2011 is here!do not get left behind!

join our new networking community it is FREE!

The Times Square Comedy/Tragedy Short Film Fest. 2011


Call for submissions:We are calling for Comedic Short Films and Short Tragedy/Horror/Dramatic Films up to 25 minutes long. Films that have an edge and the potential to be made into a feature. Feature films are accepted for submissions but will not screen as competing films. Feature Films will be screened as special guest films in celebration of the filmmaker or as NYC Premier.

We ask all who are submitting to join the FMFB.NET networking community and include the letters TS @ the end of your user name (www.fmfb.net/yournamehereTS) 10 lucky FMFB.NET members (FilmMakers only) will be given priority over entries that do not have W.A.B code

Comedies – We are looking for a large range of short comedies. We accept

(R) Rated Comedies - (PG-13) Rated Comedies - (PG) Rated Comedies - (G) Rated Comedies - Animated Comedies. Experimental, non rated as well as silent comedies. Films that are dark comedies, romantic comedies, dramatic comedies, you name it. If your horror film has humor we will accept that as well. The more dynamics of comedic films the better. If you have questions about your submissions please contact our staff.

Tragedy/Horror - What we are looking for is a large range of short

tragedy/horror films. We accept (R) Rated Horror (PG-13) Rated Horror (PG) Rated Horror Children Horror/Mystery Films - Animated Horror Dramatic Horror, Experimental as well as Dramatic tragedies. We accept films that are suspense films, murder mysteries, gangster movies, and science fiction. If there is blood we will look at it. The more dynamics of Horror & Tragedy films the better our Festival. If you have any questions about your submissions please contact our staff. Join the FMFB.NET networking community and upload your trailers

Send Entries to…

The Times Square Comedy/Tragedy Short Film Fest
226 East 29th Street

Suite 3F, New York. NY 10016

Early Deadline – $25.00 Feb. 2010
Regular Deadline – $30.00 March 15th 2010
Late Deadline – $35.00 April 20th 2010
Students - $25.00 Submit color copy of current School Photo ID

Work in progress must be in at Late Dead Line, Finished 1 week after.

Please send a DVD or a mini DV tape only, with your contact number or your W.A.B tracking number, (not required but highly suggested) along with the entry fee by money order made out to - Times Square Comedy Tragedy Film Festival

Credit card payments are preferred for foreign applicants and no handling fee will be added to their entry. Payment by money order is preferred for filmmakers entering from the USA. Should USA filmmakers wish to enter and pay via their credit card a $2.50 handling fee will apply.

Accepted applicants will be asked to immediately submit master tapes on DVD (Other than special guest features). All competing films will be screened on digital formats. Trailers up to 30 seconds are a Must! Accepted applicant's movie trailers will be shown on our website.

Please have press kits and stills (including a still of the director) on hand and ready to send into us ASAP, should your film be selected. Images must be 72 DPI for web & 300 dpi for print and saved as tiff or jpeg files.