About FMFB - FilmMusicFashion&Babes Is a web based magazine, coalition & online community and festival out of NYC. Intended for the general public but first and foremost for filmmakers by filmmakers, for musicians by musicians, for fashion designers by fashion designers, for thespians and models by thespians and models. We are dedicated to the celebration of our art and dedicated to providing the brightest emerging talent with an outlet to publicize, promote, and showcase their brand of artistic talent.

FMFB features established and emerging talent in their respective fields. Our goal is to maximize the level of exposure the brightest emerging talent deserves while providing a service for established talent. It does not matter what level of this game we call entertainment one is in, the bottom line is creating our art, having it come to life while staying within budget. Whether DIY or doing it with other people's money (Sponsors), we have to face up to the fact that art needs funding. The key is delivering a great finished product while staying within the confines of the available budget.

The idea came to me while spending some time on the set of the HBO production of The Meyer Lansky Story. Fred Zollo and his partner decided to cut costs by having a singer do a cover of a Jazz song they were using in a scene. The licensing rights for the original were extremely high. They gave a complete unknown singer a shot at the big time and they cut their costs. Everybody walked away happy and the producers kept their costs down.

Filmmakers need actors and models, fashion designers for wardrobe and music to set tone and mood. Whether filmmaker, musician, fashion designer, model or thespian we all need each other. We intend on bridging the gap between established and emerging talent by featuring both side by side.

The Festival

The FMFB Festival coincides with Fashion Week in NYC every September and February. As a prelude to the festival we are hosting monthly events in NYC and NJ. Under the banner of our Film&Music series. We are not similar to other festivals where there will be a competition or panels to attend. The festival is all about the celebration of our art, film screenings, band showcases, fashion shows, actors showcases, parties and networking. It is all about taking our careers into our hands.

The Magazine

The magazine is a webzine that has has been tested in limited markets with limited print runs and will  go into print on a quarterly basis throughout the year  with the official national print launch sometime in the  future. By submitting your film/music/fashion line and thespian and or models bios/portfolios you are eligible to be included in reviews, previews and featured side by side with national & international known talent

The Coalition: The FMFB Coalition is a coalition of Filmmakers, Musicians, Fashion Designers, Thespians and Models were we can network with each other and trade and receive advice on legal issues, Four Walling, contracts, performance rights societies and so on...

The Filmmakers Section: This area is for those involved in the business of filmmaking: Filmmakers, Directors, PA's, Producers, Screen Writers, DP's, Agents, Casting and so on...

The Music Section: Bands, Singer/Songwriters, DJ's, Producers, Spoken Word Artist, Poets, Burlesque, Performance Art and so on...

The Fashion Section: This area is for Fashion Designers, Models, Boutiques and so on...

The Babes Section: This area is for Models and Thespians.

Note: Some claim that the word "Babes" is demeaning to Women and reduces Women to nothing more than sexual objects. We use the word in the "Urban" sense of the word being that we grew up in NYC (Urban environment) and we also feature Males in the "Babes" Section of FMFB.net We are very aware of Media Objectification of Women and sometimes Men. However, we dot not reduce our featured artist to mere Objects. Here's the definition from the Urban Dictionary: look it up www.urbandictionary.com

Babe: 1: 1.endearing term. 2.adjective used to describe a good looking girl, sometimes describes guys. 3. A term a girlfriend uses towards her boyfriend and vice versa! Babe: 2: a girl or guy who is easy on the eyes, talented, and good looking, overall just very sexy. referred to as "babe". To those that make the claim "The Word 'Babes" Objectifies Women" we address your concern and assure you that such negativity is not allowed here! "In reality, human beings are both objects as subjects, as they are physical collections of molecules as well as individuals. To objectify someone, then, is to reduce someone exclusively to the level of object." All our featured artist in the "Babes" Section of FMFB.net are portrayed as talented individuals presented in a positive way as human beings with feelings and emotions and in their respective field or discipline: They have Talent! and are also very easy on the eyes.

The General Online Community: This area is for you! The general public and all FilmMusicFashion&Babes enthusiast. Here in the online community you can network and make new friends. You too can join, it is free!

Rules: You must be above 13 to join. FMFB does not allow pornographic material. Any one attempting to load such images will be banned from the site & online community.