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Shang Hai

Shang Hai

Lives in NYC, United States ·
ShanghaiRockHotel 108 West 39th. Off 6th. Avenue Manhattan

Music and more Music! That is what is on the menu. Our new location is just Dope! Old school NYC feel, 2 levels, 2 vibes, Chinese restaurant (During the day) with beautiful chandeliers in the main room. Bands play on balcony lounge, from small gatherings to 250+ capacity crowds, great for cd release, video launch parties. back line provided along with a full 16 channel PA. Giant screen. Have your party with us

Backline includes: one bass combo amp, one guitar combo amp and drum kit including:
kick drum, floor tom and 2 rack toms. Drummers must bring full hardware including:
Cymbals and stands, kick pedal, throne, snare and stand, high-hat and clutch. There is also a DJ system available for track acts