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8th. Ave. Art House NYC

8th. Ave. Art House NYC

Born on November 20, 1900
OS ArtHouse/ArtHouse Organics/8th. Avenue Art-House:LiveMusicVenue, CinemaSpace, Cafe, Gallery, Bar.
Music. Art. Film ... The Arts in general is what we are about!
Welcome to our Home, a place where Creatives Create and the public enjoys.
NYC's only ArtHouse/Cafe/Gallery/Bar focused on an Organic approach to Music, Film, Art in general
Saturday, Sept. 26

Magic Eyez & Friends

Our newest location marks a new beginning and brings us to a complete change in lifestyle and the fact we as Artist, Musicians, Filmmakers, Poets ... Creatives as a whole do not have
to create or consume junk!
Music: All genres! Indie, Global Sounds, WorldBeat, Ethnic, Soul, Funk, Electronic, Americana, Country, R&B, HipHop, Rock, Experimental, Avant Garde ... Open to all

Film: Local Indie, Foreign, Female DirectorFilmmakers, Documentary, Special interest, Drama, shorts...

Art: Life.... Fine Art, Performance art as well as all styles

ArtHouse: A building or cinema that mainly shows films made by small or foreign companies ...

3 [more organic; most organic] a : having different parts that work together well
▪ We think of the city not as a collection of different neighborhoods but as an organic whole.
b : forming an important part of something

Deb Haugen

Organic art can also be termed "Organic" by the materials an artist is using. Artists use organic pigments, leaves, branches, berries, stones, etc. An assemblage of natural materials, a sculpture in wood or marble, stones stacked/placed along side a river……..or even crop circles, they are all examples of what I would term Organic Art.

I find that creating abstract art with an "Organic" sensitivity in mind lends itself to speak of the emotions involved, rather than painting a pretty sunset that we all recognize to be a sunset. The realistic landscape artist discusses the beauty of a forest they are painting. I am focused on the emotions and feelings that my art conveys, atmospheric memories relived. Organic art reeks of a certain familiarity, something very fundamental, and essential in our daily lives. My paintings convey the organic complexities that surround us, sometimes about serenity, sometimes complex layering systems of decay or destruction. All of life responds to the primitive, tangible, evolution of our planet, some just a little closer to the source. Organic art is rudimentary, it is essential, it's primordial, supportive and vital. It might express itself in a piece of raku fired ceramic, a collection of twigs, or paint on a canvas, twisted, layered, and textured. Organic art is all around us. Look at the car bumper rusted in a gorgeous swirl of burnt sienna, or the red paint peeling off the fence, they are all examples of a natural art being effected by time. Organic art is and always has been a part of our ever changing planet.